Weekly Menu & Shopping List ~ Week 8

The listening skills of a five year old are amazing. And by amazing, I mean hilariously, hopelessly, aggravatingly, awful.

Take today for example.  Toby and Josh were playing tug of war with a pair of pants.  I told them to stop because they would stretch the pants out. So Toby asked what he could play with instead and I said “a jumprope”.  He then says to himself, “hmm, i need something long and rope-like.”  To this I said, “you mean, like a jumprope?”  



     Or maybe earlier in the week where Toby was trying to give Josh a goodnight hug and was squeezing him extremely tight and Josh was screaming in his ear “OW!!!!! OW!!! NO!!!!” and Toby kept on squeezing tighter and tighter until we had to yell and tell him to stop.  When questioned why he was doing that, he replied that he was trying to give Josh a “really good hug”. Sweet yes, but did he hear his brother crying? “Um…ya?”


     Also, the listening skills of a two year old are even worse!! I’m pretty sure I have to tell Josh every 0.2 seconds to stop standing on the couch.   I usually end up completely soaked when bathing him because “don’t splash” just does not register in his brain.  His eye roll ability also rivals that of a sixteen year old girl.  If I tell Josh he can’t do something….he rolls his entire head along with his eyes, makes this throaty sighing sound and slinks off to pout.  It’s hilarious. And scary. He’s two!!!

    Most of the time, these little instances of selective listening are pretty funny and I always tend to forget to write them down. Sometimes though, it can get frustrating.  I am thankful that Toby does know to listen when it REALLY counts. For example, if he’s running ahead and nearing a street and I yell stop, he’s pretty good about throwing on the brakes.  Or if I tell him to stay away from the stove when I’m cooking, he will keep his distance.  It’s also surprising how well he remembers the rules when it’s his brother breaking them. Hmmmm. 😉  

     I feel however, after thinking on this awhile that in order for my kids to learn to listen, I have to be a good example of this myself.  I cannot count the number of times when I am on my phone doing something or on the computer and one of the kids or AJ is talking to me and I am only half listening, if that.  They have to repeat themselves often before they get my attention.  How frustrating this must be to them as well when Mom is with them but not present.  How frustrating also must it be when we are so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget to listen to others? One thing I have found is that people rarely will come to you and say “help me”.  No, their pleas for help are hidden in their conversations about how stressed they are or how they are trying so hard to be there for someone else.  Who is there for them? Are they trying to hint to you that they’re struggling?   We have to be able to really see and know someone so that we can recognize these cries for help and offer it, willingly.  How can we see this if we are engrossed in our own selves?  Let’s look around more often. Let’s love a little more by being present.

    Anyway, these are just some thoughts I’ve had from the weekend as I entertain the boys and keep them from killing each other or themselves and also as I clean and meal plan. Speaking of meal plan! Last week, we had two definite keepers in the menu!  AJ has declared that the Jamaican Chicken has to be made at least twice a week. 😉  Also, the Chicken Parmesan wraps (which interestingly enough have NO parmesan in them) were a huge hit with the boys and are super easy to make and are great to freeze ahead.  I also thought they were ridiculously good.  Here’s to another week of finding some awesome, easy, yummy meals!


  • Monday: I was not prepared for Monday. I totally let meals slide that day due to yardwork.  So we had Chic-fil-a for lunch and Domino’s pizza for dinner. Everyone needs a break right? Also, those frosted lemonades are my favorite!
  • Tuesday: Lunch-Ramen and chips.  Dinner-Porkchops, rice and gravy and cucumber salad.
  • Wednesday: Lunch-Grilled cheese and fruit.  Dinner-Lemon chicken and green beans (from the blog Pinch of Yum. Aldi didn’t have asparagus so I’m substituting green beans).
  • Thursday: Lunch-Pizza Rollups (these are just pepperoni and cheese rolled up and baked in crescent rolls).  Dinner-Paprika chicken with spinach and white wine thyme sauce (from the blog The Kitchen Paper).
  • Friday: Lunch-Chicken strips and fries.  Dinner-Leftovers.
  • Saturday: Lunch-Ham and cheese sandwiches and chips.  Dinner-Unstuffed cabbage rolls (from the blog Fresh Family Meals).
  • Sunday: Lunch-Leftovers.  Dinner-Pasta with kielbasa and potatoes.

Shopping Deals

  • Green beans .99
  • Spaghetti Sauce .99
  • Baby carrots .89
  • Brown gravy mix .35
  • Crescent rolls .99
  • Bread .85
  • Macaroni and cheese .33
  • Bananas .44
  • Tomato sauce .25
  • Beef Broth .49
  • Milk .98
  • Marshmallows .89 (rice crispy treats for the boys this week!)

Hopefully some keepers in here too!

     Thanks to all who helped me out with the advice for how to get Toby to relinquish some of his toys.  I tried the whole “make room for new toys” trick that was advised and he actually was able to part with six toys including 2 hotwheel cars and two tiny farm animal toys. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth but it did get done. I’m calling it a success!

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with green apple juice and ginger ale

Stay tuned for my next post about our Spring gardening adventures! I’m so excited!

Thanks for reading another week,


PS: If you’re new to my blog, Welcome! Be sure to check out some other weekly menus here and here!

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