Weekly Menu & Shopping List ~ Week 11

Happy Easter!

    Though we had a slightly rainy day, we were able to enjoy a fun Easter egg hunt with the boys!  While Josh thoroughly enjoyed stuffing his face with candy, Toby was more enthused with the finding of the eggs.  They did both enjoy their chocolate bunnies though!  In the afternoon, the boys ran around the yard and played and then we went (yet again) to Lowes.  AJ was able to finish one of our flower beds before the heavy rain set in and then we enjoyed a comfortable evening at home.  It was very nice and relaxing.

    I also had a bit of fun with my own little houseplants this last week.  Two of my orchids blossoms have bloomed and they are beautiful! This orchid has been in a dormant state for about three years now and when I repotted it a few months ago, it started growing a flower stem! I have been so excited to see these flowers!

I also have been reading up on succulents.  I have always loved them and wanted to grow them but only recently have I acquired some. I read up on how to propagate my own using the leaves and so I have been attempting it!  

  It should take a couple of weeks to know if it’s working and patience isn’t my strong point so I’m going to try and keep busy with the boys enjoying this awesome weather.  They have had an abundance of energy lately and they have needed to be outside a lot so we are going to explore some local parks.

    Today’s shopping trip, I actually let Josh out of the cart to run around with Toby….big mistake. It was like I switched the mischief switch in both boys.  I barely escaped with my sanity.  I think I may send AJ for the leftover food that Aldi didn’t have so I don’t have to go with the boys again.  Here now, is this week’s menu.


Shopping Deals

  • Hotdogs .79
  • Crescent Rolls .99
  • Blackberries $1.89
  • Eggs .85
  • Boxed Pasta .99
  • Canned Pineapple .89
  • Ranch Dressing .89
  • Grapefruit .59
  • Frozen Veggies .95

I hope you enjoy these recipes! I’m especially excited about the BLT salad. Do you all have any plans to enjoy the weather with your littles this week? I’d love to hear about them!  As always thank you for reading!

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