Christmas Baubles Quilt II & An Update


    I dropped off the map for a little bit but I am back!  I have completed the Christmas Baubles quilt from my last post so here are some pictures.  I really enjoyed every part of making this quilt which doesn’t happen too often.  Usually the actual quilting is a challenge for my patience but this time it was really fun to outline the christmas tree and see the shape pop out.  Plus, straight line quilting is just so much easier than patterns.  The binding also really turned out nice, and I think the red complements it really well.  But really, who doesn’t bind a Christmas quilt in red? 😉  So now, I have three quilts left in my “Twelve Months of Mini Quilts” series. I have September (ideas anyone? Please?), January and February.  I have patterns for the last two.

     So why did I drop off the map? Well, there’s really no good excuse. Life is busy but life is always busy.  I guess I really just had a lot to do that whenever I had a bit of down time I felt like I should be working on the three commission quilts and six bags I had going on.  In the midst of all this, Toby started Kindergarten! Oh my goodness, has that been such an experience!  First of all, I want to say that as someone who has absolutely no experience with public school, that I have been so very impressed with Toby’s school and the professionalism and focus on safety. I have to show my driver’s licence in order to get him off the school bus and the kids have tags on their backpacks that the teachers check  before putting them on the bus.  I have an App on my phone where I can check in on Toby’s behavior and communicate directly with his teacher.  Everyone I have talked to has been helpful, professional and kind.  They make Toby feel special and important and that has really helped him feel comfortable.

Josh may have been a bit jealous
So big, so fast!
Bus stop, too early!


    I have been so happy and Toby has been loving school. He was nervous at first, especially the first two days but after he made some friends, he is always excited to get to the bus stop and to school.  This makes it much easier to get him up in the morning. Six o’clock is not fun, y’all. Not fun at all.  

   Since Toby is now in school and Josh is pretty easy to entertain, I have a bit more time to focus on getting my projects completed.  Here are some pictures of the quilts and bags that I have gotten to complete for friends and clients this summer!  Enjoy!

Material from Egypt

I loved making this Snoopy baby quilt!

Double Sided T-shirt Quilt A
Side B
Another T-shirt Quilt


So now you know where I’ve been and hopefully I’ll be able to get a menu up soon. I have mostly been able to keep to my menu making, i just haven’t been posting them obviously.  I have found some super yummy recipes though and I can’t wait to share them with you!  I can also start working on finishing Josh’s quilt and maybe start working on some Christmas projects or maybe just some stuff for fun.  I have also kept up with my Instagram, so be sure to check that out too!

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