December Mini Quilt ~ Christmas Baubles

     Humidity is at 1000% here today, it’s blazing hot even inside and storms are expected later. It’s the perfect time to think about falling snow, holly berries, reindeer and Christmas, right? You might think I’m a bit crazy. The truth is that I have fallen wayyy behind on my sewing projects.  I started last year in March on a project I call “12 Months of Mini Quilts”.  In this project, I’m making a mini quilt to represent each month of the year so that I can hang it on my wall each month.  

   For March, I made a bunch of green pinwheels to represent St. Patty’s Day and four leaf clovers.  For June, I sewed up a bunch of colorful fruit.  You get the idea.  Unfortunately, my ideas usually are much grander than I plan for and time gets away from me.  I was stuck on a couple of months idea-wise and let time slip away. Thus the reason that it’s late June and I’m working on December’s quilt.  Also, I skipped September because I have no idea what to put on that quilt. Ideas anyone???  

   Anyway, I thought it would be fun to post pictures of the steps of making my little December quilt so that if anyone is interested in making one, or really just interested in the process behind the finished product, you can see how it came together! Plus, it’s really fun for me to show off the fun colors.  

So first, of all, I picked a pattern from Moda’s Bake Shop. It’s called Christmas Baubles Quilt by Jen Daly and you can find the pattern here.

It’s beautiful and for Christmas last year, I got the PERFECT charm square set to create this quilt.  It’s called Juniper Berries for Moda.  I love the word “juniper”.  I think it would be a really cute girl’s name. “Junie” for short, very cute. No?

Anyway, I was digging in my fabrics for a background fabric and found that I had grabbed several yards of this gorgeous white on white fabric when Hobby Lobby had a sale. It’s so feminine and pretty! It will go perfectly and the texture will really help the tree pattern stand out!

I set about following the directions for cutting up my fabric.  I’m always a bit nervous when I make the first cuts. I don’t want to mess up the beautiful patterns! Anyway, it all went well, though some of it was a bit tedious!

88 of these little buggers

Adore this pattern

I then set to work piecing little pieces together and creating the ornaments that will make up the Christmas tree pattern.  


from the back
…and press! cute little critters!

While I was working on this project, we made a weekend trip down to TN to visit AJ’s parents.  While I was there, I was able to sit and visit with Lolli and hand sew some of the ornament tops on.  It was great practice for me, as my hand sewing is quite messy and I love any opportunity to practice.  I’d love to be able to hand sew or hand quilt a whole project some day, but not anytime soon!  

my not-so-neat hand sewing

Anyway, once I got home and got all the baubles sewn, I started to attach them in rows and sew them together.  This part was fun, because I got to see it all take shape and I love pressing the seams so that it all lays smooth and flat.  

As of now, I have the tree put together and I am working on sewing the border together. 


I will post pictures of the final product when I’m done and then it’s on to January (snowflakes!) all while I work on another commission t-shirt quilt and Josh’s quilt. Lots to do and very little time! Why am I still sitting here typing?

Thanks for reading!