Bear Cub Adventures In Nature

 Sometimes I sit down and I don’t have any idea what I’m going to blog about.  My mind draws a complete blank and I struggle to find words that would be interesting or appealing for people to read about.  What could I possibly say that hasn’t been said before? Why would anyone want to read my words?  I think that I need to just enjoy writing about the experiences that I have with my boys and not worry so much about sounding super smart or relaying a moving message for people.  So here are our latest adventures with the boys.

   The boys and I checked out a new dog park last week.  The one we usually go to is across town so I decided we would try a closer one.  It was so fun! There were lots of great climbing trees and shade trees and room for the boys to run around and explore.  Copper had a great time and wore out quick.  He’s super hyper but he runs out of energy quickly.  The boys loved climbing the trees and I think Josh is going to be like his mommy, a climber!


He seemed to get the hang of it pretty quick while Toby struggled a bit more but still had a fun time.  They both got a little scared when a big, hyper puppy jumped on them but they were fine and we learned more about how to interact with animals we don’t know.  

   This week, we went to a local playground and I let the boys run themselves tired. They climbed, swung, slid and ran all over the place and had a blast.  They’re finally at the age where I don’t have to physically climb around with them and can just watch them from a distance (though I did have to assist Josh because he kept wanting to climb up the rock wall over and over.)  Toby really loved that the playground had a scavenger hunt where there were plastic animals hidden all over that he could enjoy finding.  He loves scavenger hunts! I meant to get pictures but I forgot.

   Yesterday, we had a blast!  We went to a local wildlife reserve here in town called McConnell’s Springs.  It’s not very big but it’s so beautiful! It’s right up the street from where I used to work at Animal Control and I remember many days eating my lunch out by the pond and enjoying some peace and quiet away from the crazy world.  The boys and I have hiked there several times and we really enjoy it.  

On this particular day, we came across a mommy and daddy Canadian geese and their five little goslings. They were crossing the sidewalk as they searched for food and headed toward the pond. They actually let us get quite close though I was a very hesitant because geese can be pretty scary!  

    Then as we walked up to the pond and started looking, across the pond, we saw a red fox trotting along, nose to the ground, oblivious to our presence.  It was beautiful! If you know me, you know that I love foxes (they are the theme of my kitchen) and would love to own one someday.  This is only the second time that I have ever seen one in person so I was thrilled.  I was also glad that Toby was able to see it!  Josh missed it but he was more entertained by the geese.  Seeing the fox made me miss hiking out at Shaker Village and really being in nature and getting away from the busyness of life.  As an introvert, being in nature and in the quiet and calm is so rejuvenating for me and always gives me a renewed sense of energy.  I always feel so refreshed and so close to God when I can just sit quietly in nature.  I wish I could do it every day!

    The pond was peaceful and quiet, reflecting the morning sun and buzzing with little water bugs and the occasional turtle head, poking out of the water. There were some sort of yellow flower growing out of the pond that were beautiful! They looked like irises but I’m not sure. Anyone have any idea what these are? If we ever have a water feature installed in our yard, I definitely want to plant these!

    Yesterday evening, we ventured once again to our current favorite store–Lowes.  We were in search of some flower bushes for our side flower bed that we’ve been working on.  Surprisingly, Toby was suddenly so tired and his feet hurt. He doesn’t enjoy Lowe’s as much as we do, but he was a good sport and helped us look for flowers.

    Later in the evening, as Aj and I were out inspecting the yard after the boys went to bed, I saw Mama Bird fly over to the nest with a worm!  I confirmed my suspicions and got a sweet video of three baby birds just hatched from their eggs.  

   I don’t think I’ve posted on the blog about this but we’ve had a Robin make her nest right next to our back door on the lamp and we have been tracking her progress as she has built it and then laid three beautiful blue eggs.  That was 13 days ago and yesterday they hatched!

IMG_4876  (Click here to see the movie I took!)

    Toby was so thrilled when I snuck into his room and showed him the video.  He wants to name them Jeffrey, George and Tough Stuff or something like that. We’ll see if that changes. =)  It was super fun to see the babies though and both parents have been taking great care of them!  It’s funny; even AJ has gotten to the point of apologizing to Mama Bird when he opens the door and startles her.  Mr. “I’m Not An Animal Person”. Haha.

   Today, the boys and I plan to meet up with Uncle Chooch at Shillito Park and do some exploring of the creek bed and play on the playground.  I’ve been experimenting with making moss gardens and I’m hoping to find some different kinds of moss to bring home.  What do you think of my first one? I think it’s cute!

I have it in our bathroom window sill because I’ve read that the humidity is good for it and the moss helps clean the air.  Did you know moss doesn’t have roots? I’ve learned some interesting things about this cushiony little plant. I can remember as a kid always looking for moss and trying to bring it home and keep it alive on wet paper towels. It never worked. =)

   So there you have it! Our latest adventures!  I’m hoping this next week the weather is still nice and we can explore more! I love being outdoors so much and experiencing nature with the boys.  I hope you all have a great week with your bear cubs outside!  What do you like to do with the kids outside? I’d love to hear ideas!

Thanks for reading,