Weekly Menu ~ Week 13

     How is your all’s week going?

 I’ll be honest, these early mornings have not been easy for me.  I used to be able to get up and get Toby ready and to daycare and be at work by 7am and then work hard all morning.  Now, I am dragging so much and cannot wake up no matter how much tea I drink.  

I want to do fun stuff and crafts with Josh during the morning but my energy and motivation has just been super low.


I think I’ll look this week for some high energy breakfast ideas. I think smoothies would be good, but I don’t have a blender, just a food proceser. Any ideas, anyone?

    Any-who, here is a menu for you to grab some ideas as you plan for your menu next week.  Last week we did a TON of pasta so I tried to not include any this week. These are also pretty simple, quick recipes which I’ve been leaning towards with my low energy. Enjoy!



Lunch-hummus and veggie sandwiches.  These were AH-mazing. I didn’t follow a recipe. I had Everything bagels and I put cream cheese, hummus, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese and red onion on it.  It was so good.  I think adding smoked salmon would be incredible with this but that’s a bit expensive so I stuck with this. Josh had ham and cheese sandwich and hummus and chips. He wasn’t a huge fan of the hummus.

Dinner- Tacos! Again, Josh wasn’t a fan so much. He thought the meat was too spicy. He does not like spicy things but he did like the hard shells (I baked soft shells over bowls in the oven to harden them).


Lunch-Sweet Potato hash and chicken fries.  For the sweet potatoes, i just fried them up in olive oil, rosemary and some garlic powder. Super yummy and healthy and filling! Josh had frozen chicken fries and some fruit.

Dinner-Ranch chicken (from the blog Life in the Lofthouse) with couscous and salad. This is always an all around hit. It’s easy, fast and the kids eat everything. I get a boxed mix of couscous and usually the Asain salad kit because that’s what Toby will eat.


Lunch-frozen pizza. Easy day!

Dinner-Crock pot beef stew (Iowa Girl Eats Blog) and biscuits. It was super easy and I loved it but neither boy liked it. =(


Lunch-Burrito bowls. Basically like the tacos except I added rice, black beans and avacados.



Lunch-Chicken potpie (from the blog Dizzy, Busy and Hungry). Toby hates veges so this is something we can only eat while he’s at school. One of Josh’s favorite meals.

Dinner-Beef and Broccoli (from the blog Savory Tooth) with rice


Lunch-Sandwiches and popcorn.

Dinner-Kielbasa and veggies and potatoes, roasted in oven. Super easy: fry up your kielbasa, cut up some veggies you like (i’m adding potatoes, carrots and zuchinni to mine), toss in olive oil and roast in the oven until soft.



Dinner-French Onion Chicken (from the blog Plain Chicken) and rice with a salad.

    As for deals, this week I’d really say it was the CousCous. For a box it was like, .89c and it was enough for all four of us. It was super fast and very tasty. Toby even loved it!  Also, gummy bears are only .98c a bag. Josh loves those things and so do I!


    I was surprised to find that the price of beef has gone up to $3.19/lb!! Too much for me! I tried substituting with ground turkey last week and though the boys liked it, I could not even try it. It looked disgusting. I find myself leaning more and more towards vegetarian options. I would go totally vegetarian but my boys are meat lovers and it would be so hard since Toby does not eat veggie or beans. I’m trying to incorporate at least one or two vegetarian options a week but they tend to be heavy on the pasta so I’m looking for any recommendations you all might have!

     Another thing I’m trying this week is pulling out my dehydrator again! I love that thing, but it’s been hiding in the cupboard so this afternoon I’m drying some mango, peaches and strawberries for Josh to snack on. Dried fruit is so expensive in stores so I figured I’d make our own!

Here’s to a productive week and a happy Labor Day Weekend! Here are some pics of the boys just because! =)

Thanks for reading,