Weekly Menu & Shopping List ~ Week 12

     It has been a bit since I posted a menu!  We were gone to Chicago and then when we got back, I got really distracted with trying to finish up my commission T-shirt quilt and catching up on housework.  I do have a menu for you though! I’m going to only post dinners this week, as this last week we just ate a lot of the regular Mac & Cheese/Ramen/Chicken Strips stuff that I’ve posted about before.I hope you enjoy these meals! I’ll also be throwing in some pictures from around my yard so you can enjoy some of the awesome flowers that AJ has planted this year! I am loving our yard!


Monday: Skillet Seared Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce (from the blog Cooking Classy).  I would definitely recommend adding some veggies and maybe a salad or some bread to this.  I thought it would be more filling and didn’t have any sides at all and we were hungry after.  It is very tasty and easy though!

Tuesday:  Roasted Garlic Potatoes and Sausage (from the blog Chelsea’s Messy Apron) with garlic bread..  I replaced the asparagus with green beans because green beans were only .99 a bag at Aldi and they were very fresh and yummy!  I really liked this dish.  I used Kielbasa instead of sausage.  

Wednesday: Ritz Chicken Casserole (from the blog Sara Colorado Recipe Spot. A repeat from another week).  This is a yummy one for kids and very filling with the rice.  Though the recipe doesn’t call for it, I would cook the chicken first before adding it to the mix.  Mine was done, I just prefer my chicken very well done.  I’m the only member of my family who LOVES brussel sprouts so these were mostly for me, but these Lemon and Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts (from the blog Baker by Nature) are an amazing side addition to any meal, in my opinion.  I really love any roasted veggie though. =)

Thursday: BBQ Ribs, Grilled fresh pineapple, corn on the cob and Asian salad.  This was our grill out day (we celebrated a birthday!) and AJ made the ribs on the grill (Costco ribs) and the pineapple too.  The Asian salad was a premix but it’s our favorite and one of few that Toby will eat. It has a delicious ginger sesame dressing.

Friday: BLT salad (from the blog The Busy Budgeter).  I made this a few weeks ago and it is so yummy and easy! It’s like the perfect summer picnic addition.  The pasta makes it filling and the bacon made it delicious!! The dressing is super easy and AJ found these super sweet cherry tomatoes that were just amazing!   If you want a side with this, you could do baked beans or even make the salad a side to your next burger cookout! It makes great lunch leftovers too.

SaturdayMongolian Beef and Rice (from the blog Scrambled Chefs).  Super easy, Super yummy.  AJ loved this one.  Toby hated it because he HATES when brown sugar is added to any recipe that’s not a dessert.  He refused to eat it and just ate rice. sigh

Sunday-My day off of cooking! We ordered Dominos pizza. A nice treat. We used to eat pizza and Chinese food at least once a week but it’s become a nice treat for us now. I sure do appreciate the night off!

Alright, here are the deals I found at Aldi!

Shopping List

  • Bananas .99
  • Mangos. 49
  • Macaroni & Cheese .33
  • Green Beans .99/lb
  • Cream of Chicken soup .49
  • Rigatoni .99/lb

For my next menu, I think I am going to start including a “Keeper” Item, which will be a featured recipe that is tried and true, easy, cheap and a winner with the family.  I may not be able to do this every menu, since Toby’s preferences tend to change ALL THE TIME, but when I find a repeat recipe, I usually print it off and add it to my recipe binder instead of just on my Pinterest Board.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Stay tuned for my next post about finishing my commission quilt and starting my November quilt.  Also, I plan to soon start my Injera Bread Adventure.

To end, please enjoy these pictures of my boys, helping their Daddy out with projects!

Thanks for reading,

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