Busy Days

    Ok, Ok, I know, I’m about two weeks behind in my menus and haven’t posted about any of the things that I said I was going to!  I’d like to say I’ve been incredibly busy but in reality, though things are busy, they aren’t that terribly busy.  I just haven’t felt much like blogging lately.  I do have several things to share though as far as the happenings of late, just to catch you all up.  The yard work continues (in fact, I’m typing this as I sit out on the patio listening to AJ mow the lawn).  

    The past week or two, I have been able to finish my commission T-shirt quilt, complete my November quilt for my “Twelve Months of Mini Quilts” project, finish a stuffed Easter bunny (very late),  and also get a request for another T-shirt quilt! Here are a few pictures of November’s quilt and stuffed bunny.




Leo the Easter Bunny

    I have also been getting ready for Toby’s 6th birthday party. I cannot believe he is six already. It feels like just yesterday, I walked into the little room in an orphanage in Ethiopia and looked down into a crib to look into the eyes of the most beautiful little boy I had ever seen.  I will never forget that moment and all the joy and fear and awe that came with it.  I had no idea what I was doing and this little boy was gazing up at me and he was mine and I had never felt a love like that.

this boy adds laughter to every day

And now he is six years old and starting school in just a few short months. Oh, how time flies! We got to tour his school with his Principal and see his classrooms. I think it really encouraged him and he definitely helped me feel better.

    Anyway, Toby’s birthday!  He wanted a Wild Kratts birthday theme and also has been completely obsessed with Pokemon.  So for his birthday party on Saturday, he had all kinds of safari themes with blue and green streamers and I got to make and decorate my first birthday cake! On previous birthdays he has always wanted cupcakes so this was a new adventure. I actually had such a fun time decorating it!  I think it turned out really well and Toby loved it!  His Lolli and Pops and Aunt Stephanie came up for his birthday so he was having a blast!  The party went great and he got a ton of fun animal and Pokemon presents and had a great time.  Success!

First time decorating a cake!

    During all of this party planning week, Josh woke up one morning covered in a rash that looked like hives!  At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to him rolling in the grass the day before and I put some anti-itch cream on him, gave him some Zyrtec and we went about our day.     


That afternoon it was even worse, now spreading up his belly and down his legs.  He had a restless night and the next morning was covered in the rash from head to toe.  I immediately took him to his Dr. who told us that it was not an allergic reaction but that he was shedding a virus.  He had just finished antibiotics for what we thought was a sinus infection/URI.  Apparently, whatever virus he had had was shedding in the form of a rash.  She told us to keep him on Benadryl and no more topical creams because it was just aggravating the rash.


We kept him on Benadryl and that night was awful! He was so hot and itchy and the meds didn’t seem to be helping at all. His feet and wrists were swelling up and he was so uncomfortable and he could not sleep.  It was a very long night.

In the morning I took him back to the Dr. His rash looked absolutely awful. I felt so bad for my little boy.  The Dr. was concerned as he had worsened and so prescribed him an oral steroid and a slightly higher dose of Benadryl.  She made sure that his breathing was ok (which it was) and said just to keep an eye out for if he starts to struggle to breath.  We went home and he had a “nakey” day, running around naked, with lots of oatmeal baths.             

 After taking two doses of the steroids, his swelling went down and his rash didn’t seem as angry and itchy.  It was a better night and he slept better. After that, he seemed to improve steadily and the rash has now almost gone away completely!  I am so happy!  I was so concerned for him.  He was very clingy and it made it hard to get things done for the party.  All a bit stressful but we made it through and it turned out alright.

   This week, we are trying to get back into the swing of things, cleaning up the house after several days of chores being on the back burner.  AJ has thankfully been such a huge help with the laundry and helping with the boys.  I am so thankful for him and his willingness to be involved as much as he possibly can despite working all day. He even called in sick one day and went to the Dr. with me and the boys.  

  So, to wrap it all up, I will be trying to get back on track with the menu.  I will also eventually get around to posting about the commission quilt and also starting my “Injera Adventure”.  

Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you all are enjoying this awesome Spring weather!

I have definitely enjoyed seeing all the beautiful flowers bloom and my garden seems bursting with produce!  My succulent garden is also progressing well.  I have several leaves that I am propagating and they have sprouted roots and leaves! I’ve also added a few other species such as a Grafted Moon Cactus, a Tiger Jaw succulent  and my new favorite, a Star Cactus!

Tiger Jaws
New roots
Grafted Moon Cactus
Star Cactus with translucent leaves

Thanks for reading,