When I was growing up, my family lived in Kenya, Africa and we lived about four hours from the grocery store.  I can remember my mom sitting down once a month and making a huge grocery list.  We would all travel into town for a few days and shop, shop, shop! Then we would travel home with a trailer full of groceries and for the next month, that was what we had. When we ran out of something, we lived without.

Looking back, I don’t remember ever running out. I remember every lunch and dinner being a work of art. My mother would cook each meal with two or three different things for us to eat. A protein, a veggie, bread, salad, sides. Everything was made from scratch. I have always been in awe of how she was able to plan ahead so efficiently and make sure we ate well. We never went without and that is one of many reasons I admire her! Yay mom!

Now that I’m a mommy myself, it seems even more incredible! I have a hard time remembering dinner the day-of, let alone try and plan for a whole month at a time.  In the past, I have been pretty awful at remembering that, “oh ya, they need to eat dinner today too”.  A lot of times, I text AJ to stop by the store on his way home to grab something. I always feel that since I really had all day to do that.

I started this blog mostly for myself, to keep myself motivated, but also for other moms out there. I know you are exhausted! I know you spent all your energy just getting everyone up and dressed and entertained for the day! It’s too much to be asked to come up with dinner and also make it and also clean it up! In this blog, I hope to provide a little relief by giving you easy, cheap options. Not just in your dinner scramble but in your weekly shopping as well so that you will feel just a little bit more organized and ready to face the meals and snack times head on. Maybe even eliminate some of that scramble from the dinner routine. =)


                The ones who stole my heart


I hope you enjoy what I have to offer! I challenge you this week to come up with one or two of your go-to meals and comment them below! Let’s work together to get our families fed with the least amount of effort possible.

Much love,