Weekly Menu ~ Week 14

    Good morning! I hope this weekend finds you well, dry and safe!  I know that many of you are either in the path of a hurricane or know someone who is!  My thoughts and prayers have been with everyoneaffected by this awful weather. 

    I can’t imagine how scary it must be to be so unsure and to not know whether your house and all your belongings could be lost.  I know that even though that safety is first and foremost, there are tangible things that cannot be replaced.  Photos, heirlooms, children’s artwork, a favorite stuffed animal…I know that they are not important in the large scheme of things, but that doesn’t mean it’s not heartbreaking to lose them and devastating financially.  My heart is with you all, please stay safe!  If any of you are interested in donating to the hurricane recoveries, I will be attaching a link to the bottom on this post.

  As many of us prepare for another week ahead, we are thankful for our blessings and for a hot meal at the end of the day.   The weather has been getting steadily cooler and I know that I’m looking forward to some colorful leaves, fires on the patio, hoodies and some warm, fall meals (and roasted marshmallows, one of my favorite things!!!!  This week, I’ll be sharing at least one meal that will warm your tummy and put a little spice in your mouth too!  I hope you enjoy these meals, many of them are definite repeats for our household!  Enjoy!


Monday: Monday was Labor Day so we had a bunch of people over and we grilled chicken wings and ate corn on the cob, salad and watermelon. Yummy!

Tuesday: Lunch-mac and cheese and leftover watermelon. Dinner-French onion chicken and rice (from the blog Plain Chicken) with a salad. This is SUPER yummy! I think I had posted this recipe last week but we ended up eating leftovers instead because the fridge was full.

Wednesday: Lunch-Sausage and hashbrowns–breakfast for lunch! Both of these were freezer items.  Dinner-Philly burgers and fries (from Rachel Ray Everyday).  Ehh….AJ liked them, I wasn’t a huge fan.  It was too much of a pain to have to make the burgers instead of buy them pre-made.  Plus, it was hard to find the correct peppers and so I had to substitute.  I love Rachel Ray, but it doesn’t often fit my budget and her ingredients aren’t always easy to find.  It was good, just not worth a repeat.

Thursday: Lunch-Roasted brussel sprouts and hot dogs in blankets (for Josh).  Ya’ll, I love roasted veggies and these brussel sprouts were SO yummy. I tossed them in olive oil, garlic powder and some herbal seasoning and then roasted them in the oven on parchment paper until crispy. Then, I  tossed them in some parmesan cheese….ohhhhh they were so good.  

Dinner-Sausage and penne soup (from the blog Small Town Woman) with biscuits. A nice warm soup that goes well with fall and soooo cheesy!

Friday: Lunch-leftovers. Dinner-General Tso’s chicken (from the blog Favorite Family Recipes) and rice with Roasted broccoli. General Tso’s is Toby’s favorite Chinese food so he LOVED this! It’s also super easy!  Also, I made the broccoli the same way I made the brussel sprouts except I added lemon juice, sugar, salt and pepper when I tossed them in olive oil. So yummy!

Saturday: Lunch-I had planned on sandwiches but AJ wanted pizza so he went and got a LIttle Ceasars pizza and cheesy bread! It was nice not to have to prep anything! Dinner-Leftovers.

Sunday: Lunch-I had planned on frozen pizza and sweet potato hash but since we had just had pizza, Daddy got the boys a special treat of McDonalds. Also Toby’s all time favorite. See, it’s ok to eat out sometimes, we don’t always stick to the menu! I don’t eat McDonalds so I ate some leftovers.

Dinner-Jambalaya (from the blog Gimme Some Oven)!  I had never made it before and was excited to have it. It was so yummy! I did leave out almost all the spice. I cut the cajun in half, left out the jalapeno, pepper and cayenne and it was still quite spicy!  I also am trying to not eat chicken because it grosses me out so I only added Kielbasa (I find Andouille is too spicy!) and shrimp.  Toby enjoyed it mostly (didn’t appreciate the green peppers and onions) but Josh did not like it at all. He is not a fan of any spice.  This recipe makes a TON so you’ll have some leftovers for next week and you can freeze it too! I plan on doing that.

  For deals this week, I stocked up on chicken broth at only .49c/can, pudding packs for the boys at .89c/4pack, mangos at .89c/each, bananas at .44c/bunch, and deli meat at .49c/package.   Also, I learned it’s important to check expiration dates!  I bought a package of brussel sprouts last week and they were expired! Ew! Let me tell you, a bad bag of brussel sprouts will stink up your entire fridge. It’s not fun.

 So there you go, hope you enjoy some of these recipes!  Have a great week ahead! I plan on getting some sewing done.  I also plan on posting soon with some fun craft ideas that Josh and I have been able to try out lately!

If you want to donate to the hurricane recovery, here is a link to The American Red Cross site where you can help out and to Samaritan’s Purse! I know that any and all help is appreciated!

Thanks for reading,