Weekly Menu Plan & Shopping List

Happy Monday!

My family is finally starting to get over some of the winter gunk that has hit our house lately.  Everyone was just feeling yucky and tired.  I definitely had a lot less energy than usual and just wanted to sleep or do nothing. Unfortunately, as you mamas know, that’s not really part of the job description. Thankfully, the good part of the week was that I had so many leftovers from the past week and a half that I didn’t have to much cooking at all! Yay for planning ahead!

meal planning as it should be: with tea and chocolate

Now that we are getting back in the game, it’s time for me to grocery shop and get this week’s meal plan in gear.  Hopefully your kiddos will like some of these recipes as well.  Also, I wanted to mention, in my last menu plan, not everything that I cooked was well received by Toby.  However, we have a good routine with him that I make sure he likes at least something in the meal that I make and if he eats it all and wants more, he can have more as long as he tries something new first. Doesn’t work very well, but it avoids a lot of meltdowns when everyone is aware of the expectations.


  • Monday: For lunch we had boxed macaroni and cheese as well as fresh fruit and bread. For dinner, spaghetti carbonara (from the blog Damn Delicious) and salad. This is one of Toby’s favorite meals. Pasta, cheese and bacon.
  • Tuesday: For lunch, oven baked chicken poppers or fish sticks and applesauce. For dinner, lemon chicken (from Delish), rice (recipe calls for wild rice but my kids won’t touch that) and cucumber salad. AJ loves this cucumber salad and it’s really easy to make! I just mix mayo, milk, apple cider vinegar, sugar and salt until it tastes right. I don’t follow a recipe for this.
  • Wednesday: For lunch, frozen pizza and fresh fruit. This week at Aldi, grapes, mangos and strawberries were on sale. Josh loves strawberries and Toby enjoys mangoes on a good day. 😉 For dinner, leftovers!
  • Thursday: For lunch, PB&J and maybe fried eggs if Toby wants one. For dinner, tuna cakes (from the blog Taste and See) sweet corn and fruit salad.
  • Friday: For lunch, avocado dip (from the blog Cooking Classy), hummus (from the blog Life Made Sweeter) pita chips and Ramen if they’re still hungry.  For dinner, hamburgers and fries.
  • Saturday: For lunch, spaghetti (I always have spaghetti stuff on hand. It’s my go-to).  For dinner, meatloaf and roasted brussel sprouts.
  • Sunday: For lunch, leftovers.  For dinner, popcorn and PB&J.

      Here is my shopping list for the week. Some things, I had already, such as the chicken and chicken stock as well as the condiments for the hamburgers. We also had breakfast for dinner last night so the leftover bacon is what I’m using for the spaghetti carbonera.

  • Salad mix $2.99
  • Canned Chickpeas .65
  • Plain Yogurt $2.99
  • Avocado .79
  • Ground Beef $6.50
  • Tomato juice $1.39
  • Brussel Sprouts .99
  • Canned Tuna .65
  • Jalapeno Peppers .89
  • Cilantro .69
  • Grapes $1.98
  • Mango .79
  • Strawberries $1.49
  • Lettuce .85
  • Tomato .99
  • Hamburger patties $5.49
  • Buns .85
  • Frozen Fries $1.75
  • Frozen Pizza $2.29
  • Pita Chips $1.99

One things that I didn’t get at Aldi was white wine for the lemon chicken. I sent AJ to get some wine.  Now, I also bought some frozen fruit at Aldi because I plan on making some fruit and wine smoothies to get me through the long afternoons this week. Yummy!      I hope you guys enjoy these yummy recipes!  Please let me know if you have some ideas for me!  I’m always looking for easy, yummy meals to try.

Enjoy your kiddos this week and stay warm!