Feeding my Bear Cub Boys

My bear cub boys are opposites in almost every way. Josh is an introvert, while Toby is the life of every party.  Josh loves to cuddle while Toby would prefer to give a quick hug and get on with the fun.  Josh eats almost anything and Toby is pretty picky.  One thing they do have in common is that they love each other and even like each other (most of the time).  I love looking over while I’m cooking and seeing them curled up next to each other reading or watching a show together.

With their opposite likes and dislikes comes a challenge for me in the kitchen. Toby prefers his meat and bread and that’s about it. Josh isn’t the biggest fan of meat but he loves fruit and veggies.  He also still has a slight dairy sensitivity , so combine these different preferences together and trying to find a meal that appeases everyone can be hard!

I know that I’m not the only mom out there with picky eaters. I’ve scoured plenty of Pinterest sites claiming to have dishes that even the pickiest eater will love….however, I’ve had little success with these. If any vegetable is suspected, Toby will not eat it and he’s very suspicious of most new things. This boy will not touch green smoothies, potatoes, and only barely tolerates carrot sticks.

How in the world am I supposed to make sure he gets all the vitamins and nutrients he needs?  I want to share any tricks and recipes I find that may help you with your own little one. Do you have any recipes that have worked for you and your picky eater? I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment and share!

I will share at least one meal here that is a big hit in our house and also provides some nutrition that is well accepted.  Ours is Spaghetti (with hidden veggies). I usually make spaghetti a lot but recently started this trick of hiding veggies in the sauce and it’s been great!

That greenery there? That wouldn’t be tolerated in my house.

First I secretly (while the boys are napping) puree a bunch of spinach leaves and carrots together (I think you could probably use any veggie you have on hand) until they are a paste. I can’t leave even the tiniest green shred for Toby to find. Then I add a jar of our favorite spaghetti sauce and puree some more! If I add enough sauce, the color stays at least slightly red. Once the meat and spaghetti are mixed in and the cheese sprinkled on top, you can’t even tell the sauce is slightly different colored and it tastes almost exactly the same. They gobble it up! Yay!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing about some picky-proof meals from you all!  Join me next post to learn a little bit more about me as well as some tricks on saving money while grocery shopping.