Easy Activities to Entertain Your Kiddos (with little effort on your part)

Happy Fall Y’all!  I have been so excited for it to be Autumn!  Autumn activities are my favorite! I love when it’s still warm but the leaves have started changing. It’s so beautiful to get outside and spend time! Unfortunately, Kentucky hasn’t quite got the memo that Summer is over so it’s been hot here!  We were however, able to take a beautiful walk this past week in the Lexington Cemetery.  Am I weird that I love visiting cemeteries? They are so peaceful and full of stories.  The boys liked the walk too but for different reasons.  Being full of memorials, Toby was able to play some serious PokemonGo and Josh was able to collect as many acorns and “pineapples” as his heart desired.  

     This week I will be sharing some fun things you can do with your littles to keep them occupied. Some are for outside and some are for inside.   I think older kids would enjoy these too, but I focused mostly on stuff for Josh since he’s bored with Toby at school,  and because Toby isn’t into crafts and art as much as Josh is (and I am).  So I hope you enjoy some of these fun things to do with your kids and I think they’re lots of fun for grown ups too!



Apparently this is a big thing these days. A lot of kids at the bus stop in the mornings have slime with them. I don’t blame them, it’s so fun to play with and easy to make! Though many recipes call for Borax, I don’t readily have Borax on hand so I used this recipe, which called for only glue, baking soda and contact solution (for once my bad eyesight is good for something).  

not so sure about the texture yet


 The first batch we made dried out pretty quickly but we used glitter glue for the second batch and it is still good, we just have to make sure to get all the air out of the plastic bag when we put it away.  A fun addition is to stick those fake googly eyes into the slime.  It’s fun to have the boys try to find them all.

Painting Rocks

I’m a big succulent person, as you know and I like finding fun little decorations for my pots. What better way to first, go on a fun walk to find rocks to paint and then have lots of fun painting the rocks to decorate our planters!  

Josh’s Rock
Toby’s Pokemon Rock (unfinished)
Mommy’s Rock


If you’re looking for an additional fun activity, have your kiddos wash the rocks off in the sink. Water fun is always a favorite. Another tip, for littles who don’t quite get the steps of water, paint, rinse, switch colors: try giving them a seperate q-tip “paintbrush” for each color!

Beads on pipe cleaners

A good use for old baby food containers


Great for younger toddlers to work on their fine motor skills and it’s also great for teaching colors.  Josh was thrilled to give me his necklace that he made me and it’s now hanging up on the door handle of his room.

so proud!

Face painting

IF you’re brave enough, let the kids paint each other’s face. Note may result in some poked eyes, so maybe try the q-tips trick again. =) My boys loved taking turns painting my face. We use watercolors because they dry fast and wash off easily.

Melting crayons

My kids have a TON of crayons. An entire gallon plastic bag full.  I finally made myself sit down and sort through them and pick out all the broken ones.  I didn’t want to throw them away though so I decided to experiment.  I had Josh help me peel off the paper (another great motor skill activity) and then we arranged the pieces onto wax paper on a cookie sheet.  Then we heated the sheet on low heat over the stove and watched them melt and mix together. It was actually really neat to see the fun patterns emerge.  After it was all melted and started to cool, we gently peeled off pieces and they now have some new crayon art.

snack time while wax dries

a galaxy of wax

We’re not quite sure what to do with these pieces yet, but I’m sure we’ll think of something. It was fun though!

Puff balls in cups

Cheap, easy and also great for teaching how to clean up.  Josh and I took turns tossing little puff balls into cups.  With Toby, we could play for points, but with Josh he just enjoyed throwing them.  He also likes separating colors when it comes to things like candy and toys so he enjoys putting different color puff balls into different cups.


Ok this was an experiment that had it’s failures and it’s successes.  The boys love watching this one YouTube channel which shall go unnamed where this kids makes gummy candies with his parents. I decided to try it however, I didn’t have all the necessary things so we made do.  We added an unflavored packet of gelatin to our regular Jello packet.


I would definitely recommend adding two or three more packets of unflavored gelatin, as the consistency was much less gummy and much more jello.

Also, I couldn’t find candy molds anywear I looked so we used (WASHED) play doh molds instead.  The downside was that they totally didn’t work.  They were too hard to pull the jello out in one piece. I would recommend getting some legit bendable candy molds.  It will be well worth it. 

A final success for this was that I got Toby to actually try something new.  He hates gummy candy but I guess the excitement of having created them ourselves overcame this hatred and he tried them and likes Jello now! …as long as it’s not too cold.  Good luck with your attempts, let me know if you find any tricks!

Josh gives the gummies a “high-5”

Tic Tac Toe with Coffee Filters

We made a tic tac toe board out of washi tape on the floor and I drew X’s and O’s onto coffee filters and Toby and I have fun playing Tic Tac Toe.  It’s a fun variation than just using a paper and crayon.

Toby loved it so much he actually stopped watching PokemonGo videos and kept begging for “just one more game”!  Yay!  (Also, wash tape comes off of things really easily so my boys loved playing wash tape tag with each other)

What kinds of fun things do you do with your kids? I’m always looking for new fun, easy, low-energy activities. Let me know if you have some ideas I can try and hopefully this will help you entertain your kids for a bit so you can heat up your coffee (again) and finally sit down and breath for a second.

Have a great week and thanks for reading,