Weekly Menu & Shopping List ~ Week 9


Last week was kind of a dud as far as meals.  The lemon chicken was ok as were the porkchops but I wasn’t a huge fan of the Paprika chicken with thyme sauce.  I didn’t have white wine and so I substituted red whine. This turned the sauce into a dark purple that dyed the chicken purple too.  It wasn’t very appealing looking.  It didn’t taste bad, they just weren’t my favorite meals we have had.    

  The unstuffed cabbage rolls turned out pretty well!  My awesome brothers came over on Sunday to help AJ with repairing our fence so they stayed for dinner and they seemed to enjoy it!  

 This week, Toby is gone on a “break from Josh” (as he calls it) down to see Lolli and Pops and Aunt Stephie in Tennessee.  This means that I was able to be a little more creative in my meal planning because I can cook things this week that Toby won’t touch!  Hopefully your cubs aren’t as picky as mine and maybe will enjoy some of these meals!


  • Monday: Lunch-we had ham and cheese sandwiches and mandarin oranges.  Dinner-Chili and cornbread! Toby won’t touch beans so this doesn’t happen often.
    fresh ground cumin

    skillet cornbread is a must!
  • Tuesday: Lunch- Pigs in blankets (hotdogs in crescent rolls) and cantaloupe slices. Dinner-Sundried tomato and artichoke chicken (from the blog Domestic Superhero).
  • Wednesday: Lunch-Chicken fried rice. Dinner-Chickpea curry (from the site Over Sixty) with rice and a salad.
  • Thursday: Lunch-Fishsticks and cucumber slices. Dinner-Shrimp & Grits (one of my favorites, by Alton Brown)
  • Friday: Lunch-Hamburger helper and fruit. Dinner-Coconut lime chicken (from the blog A Saucy Kitchen) and green beans.
  • Saturday:  BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR JOSH!! I can’t believe he is TWO already!!! Leftovers for lunch and a party in the afternoon. Dinner- PBJ and popcorn (this introvert is not gonna feel like cooking after a party).
  • Sunday: Lunch-leftovers again! Dinner-Lentil chicken stew (from Couponing101) and biscuits.  Toby is gonna suffer through this one, but lentils are good for him and he needs more protein than chicken nuggets and fish sticks.

Shopping Deals

  • Hotdogs .99
  • Baby Carrots .89
  • Jiffy Cornbread Mix .47
  • Canned Chicken Broth .49
  • Cake mix .79
  • Eggs .89
  • Bagged Oranges $1.99
  • Canned Diced Tomatoes .49
  • Rice $1.29
  • Icing $1.29 (I bought two. One for cupcakes. One for me. Yes, I eat it plain. Do I care? Pass me a spoon.)

So there you go, some great deals at Aldi this week! I wasn’t able to find some of the items I need for the menu like sundried tomatoes, grits and hamburger helper but I need to make a Walmart run anyway.  I have a birthday party to plan for and prepare.

My little introvert heart is hyperventilating at the thought of hosting a party, but I’m excited for Josh! He’s going to love his presents and I am super excited to decorate.  He’s having a Cat in the Hat themed party and I have a few ideas up my sleeve (which may or may not include live goldfish).  I honestly can’t believe this kiddo is turning two.  I feel like it was only a few weeks ago that he was tiny enough to wear newborn size clothes.  He has changed so much (except in his sleep habits).  He is such a smiley little boy.

He adores his bubba and his daddy so much and is always making us crack up laughing. He’s super smart, he knows all his colors and some of his numbers and letters. He loves to sing and cuddle and wrestle.  He adores wearing hats. I love this little boy and I can’t wait to see how he grows this next year!

Thanks for reading and enjoy this week!