Weekly Menu & Shopping List ~ Week 10

Hello all!

     This post is a bit late and I apologize! This last weekend was crazy busy but very fun.  I’ve been playing cleaning catch-up all week since.  This week it’s a several repeats but some of our favorites.  The Spaghetti Carbanera especially is a favorite because it’s just pasta, bacon and cheese! Super easy and yummy.  (Just a tip, recipe calls for four strips of bacon. I live in a house of boys so I use the entire pack.)  I hope you enjoy these recipes!


  • Monday: Lunch- leftovers from the weekend. Dinner- Meatloaf and Green beans.  It was also a super late lunch because after Daddy got off work, he decided he wanted to rebuilt our entire side fence including the gate. So we did a lot of wood working and helping. We got it done, but it was a late dinner.
  • Tuesday: Lunch-Macaroni and cheese and Doritos. Orange lunch! Dinner-Spaghetti Carbonara (from the site Damn Delicious) and fried leftover cabbage and zucchini.  I fry this in my favorite Kenyan seasoning called Mchuzi mix.  My awesome mom brings it for me but I think you might be able to order it on Amazon.  It’s amazing. I also use it to fry kale and tomatoes. Yummy!
  • Wednesday: Lunch- pizza Dinner: Tacos
  • Thursday: Potpies, chips and applesause. Dinner-Smoked Sausage (or Kielbasa) Alfredo Bake (from the blog Let’s Dish Recipes)and salad.
  • Friday: Lunch- Spaghettios and fruit. Dinner-Leftovers
  • Saturday: Lunch-Chicken Parmesan wraps (from the blog Two Healthy Kitchens).  They’re so good I couldn’t wait to have them again.  Dinner-Toasted Ravioli and garlic bread. Now, I get this Ravioli recipe from a cookbook that doesn’t have a website…so I will try to find a link for you soon! There are several good recipes that are similar if you google it!
  • Sunday: Easter! Lunch-Fish sticks, probably, or maybe we will eat out. Dinner- Hamburgers and fries. I doubt the kids will have much appetite after all the sugar they’re going to consume.


Shopping Deals

  • Green Beans .99 a bag!
  • Taco Seasoning .35
  • Mac & Cheese .33
  • Sour Cream .99
  • Pasta .99
  • Salad bags .89
  • Bananas .45

     So these past two or three weeks, AJ and I have been really working hard on the yard.  We’re kind of making up for lost time, as I talked about in my last gardening post.  We have so many ideas (thank you, Pinterest) to make our yard look nice.  Aj’s been working on the lawn since we moved in, fertilizing, mowing, planting grass seed, elliminating weeds, etc.  This Spring he is trying to get the whole yard composted.  It has made a huge difference! The grass is thick and green and hardly any weeds. It’s so great to run around in with the boys.  Along with my garden, we’ve also been fixing up the front porch bed, creating a border for the back fence and also making a new flower bed to join to the blackberry/raspberry bushes.  So much work, so many trips to Lowes (10+), so.much.mulching.  

plants make me happy
my new little woodland fern


new gate!

I have loved all of it.  My favorite part is getting new plants at Lowes.  I have a new fern for the front porch and lavender lining the back fence.  It’s going to look so nice when it’s all done! I’ve also discovered I really dislike worms. We seem to have a ton and they are HUGE. Ugh!  Not as bad as spiders (shudder) but pretty nasty none-the-less.

Now I know you all have been waiting with baited breath for some awesome pictures from Josh’s birthday. =)  The kid had a great time and I had so much fun decorating! The party turned out fantastic and so many friends came over to spend time with us.  The weather was perfect so we were able to take a bunch of the toys outside and let the kids run around.  The favorite toys were the riding excavator from Nana and Papa and the bubble lawnmowers from the boy’s baby sitters and from Daddy.  Josh takes his “lawnmow” very seriously and will go back and forth for hours across the yard with a very determined, serious expression on his face.  He used to always cry when Daddy mowed the lawn and he couldn’t help.  Now he gets to walk behind Daddy and mow with him!

cotton candy Thing Hair
Green dyed chocolate covered pretzels

Aunt Stephy and I made these after midnight the day before
treat bags!

awesome artwork on this wrapping paper
two happy kiddos

It was such a great party and many treats were consumed.  We had a blast and Toby is very excited to repeat all the fun at his birthday party next month (shew, i better start planning!).

Enjoy the picts and happy Easter week!