Top 10 Shopping Tips to Make Life Easier

When I go grocery shopping, I usually try to time it so that I can go when I have our awesome babysitter over to watch the boys.  I avoid so much extra hassle when I can get in and out without two bear cubs to slow me down.
When I do take my boys along, I try to plan the trip so that I avoid as much hassle as I can. Make sure everyone has pottied first and eaten.  I always have a face to face right before we enter the store to go over set rules such as “no fits, no begging, no fighting, no running away.”  I have along the way, found some other similar tips that have helped me whether I’m with the boys or not.
Today I’m going to share my top ten shopping tips with you so that hopefully, you can avoid some extra hassle too!

Top 10 Shopping Tips To Make Life Easier

  1. Keep a laundry basket in the car to put grocery bags in.
  2. Keep a Nalgene in your purse. This helps to avoid those check out line drink temptations. Keep a sippy cup for the kids.
  3. Eat a granola bar before you go in so you’re not hungry while you shop. I usually give the boys goldfish in the car to eat on the way.
  4. Don’t carry cash—if you have it, you’ll spend it and probably not on things you really need. If you do carry cash, make sure you have just enough for what you go for. Any extra is just tempting.
  5. Have a list and a budget in mind and in hand. Some people like to type out their lists. I’m a bit old school and I love to write my lists down.
  6. Write down prices-somehow writing them down keeps me focused on keeping to my budget. This has been great for me now that I blog because I know that I need the prices for the posts.
  7. Use a smaller cart if available-same idea as serving sizes for food. Your eyes are bigger than your wallet size. =)
  8. Is something on sale that you tend to use a lot? Buy two or three. You’re stocking your pantry for cheaper and saving money in the long run.
  9. Try to avoid going shopping for one meal at a time. You’ll probably end up with more impulse  buys because you’ll be in the store several times a week instead of just once or twice.
  10. Try to do your shopping at as few stores as possible. I go to Aldi for the majority of my shopping and Kroger for meat. Sometimes we go to Costco but never just for regular groceries. We go to get bulk items like diapers, wetwipes and cleaning supplies.  When I try to run around to lots of different stores to get stuff, I end up spending more because I’m passing just that many more items that might catch my eye.  Walmart is especially hard for me because I just HAVE to stop by the fabric section to check for sales.

I will be honest, I always tend to forget the laundry basket trick.  I’m one of those people who tries to carry all my bags in at once (because my kids are usually running out in the driveway and the dog is barking).  Everytime I unpack my grocery bags from the back of the car I feel like kicking myself for forgetting AGAIN about the laundry basket.  If you have any ideas for how to remember to do this, I’d love to hear them! Maybe I should keep my wallet and purse in a laundry basket so I have to take it with me….hmmm.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these tips!  Do you have any tips that I’ve forgotten? Let’s help each other become grocery shopping pros!

Thanks for reading!