Weekly Menu & Shopping List ~ Week 7

Who’s ready for Spring?

March has been taunting us here in Kentucky and I’m getting rrreeall tired of it.  My poor lilac bush doesn’t know what to do with this crazy weather. Eighty degree weather one day and snow flurries the next.  No wonder both my boys are starting runny noses. Between the early pollen and the cold days, I’m sure we will all be down with the plague soon.  

I am ready for colorful flowers and bright sunshine!  I need some color inspiration to get my sewing mojo back on.  I’ve been working on my commission quilt and it’s going really well but I have no motivation to work on anything for myself.   The dull grey skies have also put a damper on my meal creativity.  Last week, as you noticed was a lot repeats and general easy foods.  I will try to spice it up this week with a few fun new recipes to try! Without further ado, this week’s menu.


Shopping List

*Instead of giving you every item I’ve bought and the price this week, I think I will just give you the highlights on what kind of sales Aldi had.

  • Bell Peppers .99 (for a pack of three!)
  • English Muffins .99
  • Canned Cream of Chicken Soup .49
  • Blackberries $1.89
  • Strawberries $1.89
  • Marinara Spaghetti Sauce .99
  • Mangoes .79
  • Dish soap .89 (not needed for cooking but definitely needed for cleanup.)
  • Canned biscuits .99

Unfortunately for Toby, avacadoes have gone way up in price and instead of the usual .49, they are now $1.29. Boo.

I’m hoping these recipes turn out great!  I’m especially excited about the Jamaican chicken! For the Tilapia and Zucchini, I also had a leftover bag of brussel sprouts that I tossed in too and it was Ah-mazing.

On a completely different note, I need help! How do you all get rid of toys without full blown meltdowns from your cubs?   If I try to throw away so much as a torn up piece of paper, Toby near has a panic attack.  Getting rid of toys (from the mountains of them that he has) is so difficult. I have to sneak them out in my hoodie pockets and hide them in my closet.  I got rid of a fire truck toy about three years ago and Toby ALWAYS brings it up whenever I try to purge the toys.  He gives me a really big guilt trip about how much he LOVED that truck (that I saw him play with maybe twice) and how much he wishes he could have it back.  I struggle to navigate around his emotions with this. I don’t want to scar him by getting rid of his stuff since this anxiety is such a big thing for him, but he also has so many toys and little room.  Plus, he has a birthday coming up so we need to make room for new toys.  Any suggestions? If I scar him by getting rid of stuff, it could cause him to possibly become a hoarder someday (half joking here) but if I don’t get rid of his toys…then he’s already a hoarder! I’m stuck!

I’ve already tried the whole “let’s give some to kids who don’t have any” trick. It didn’t work. I’d love to hear suggestions! Thanks for reading another week,


PS: If you’re new to my blog, Welcome! Be sure to check out some other weekly menus here and here!