Weekly Menu & Shopping List ~ Week 3

To start off this week, I want to first say, last week’s meals were awesome! I tried some new recipes and the Lemon Chicken was especially super delicious and easy!  The sauce was amazing and AJ loved it. I would definitely recommend this recipe. It has been added to my “regulars” list.  I have loved trying out all these new recipes because eating the same things all the time can get old, even if it is cheaper! I think having this blog has really motivated me to get outside my regular habits so thank you to all of you for being my motivation!  Here now is this week’s menu.


  • Monday: Lunch-Ramen and fruit. Dinner-meatloaf and roasted brussel sprouts (from the site, Slender Kitchen).  We went down to TN for the weekend so I pushed the meatloaf from last week to this week. Though Josh isn’t a huge fan of meat, he ate three entire helpings of meatloaf! He was not a fan of the brussel sprouts. 
  • Tuesday: Lunch-Macaroni and cheese with oranges. Dinner-Porkchops, red potatoes and veggies.
  • Wednesday: Lunch-PB&J, popcorn. Dinner-special night with friends! Salmon and veggies. Not sure how we will do the salmon yet, AJ usually grills it.
  • Thursday: Lunch-Toasted ravioli (store bought this time) and blueberries. Dinner-Chicken stirfry and veggies.
  • Friday: Lunch-Ramen and fried eggs. Dinner-Leftovers.
  • Saturday: Lunch-BLTS and chips.  Dinner-Indian food, rice and raita. Yummy! I got some sauce mixes from Aldi for this so I’ll just cook up some chicken and toss it in while it cooks. 
  • Sunday: Lunch-Korean beef and rice (from the blog Six Sister’s Stuff). Dinner-Chicken potpie (from the blog Dizzy, Busy and Hungry) and salad.

This week at Aldi, I was able to stock up on some of my pantry supplies with some items that were on sale. For example, diced tomatoes were only .49 and dried lentils were .99!  Canned items and things like beans, lentils are rice are great things to keep in stock for your pantry.     Here is the rest of my list that I bought.  I had some items on hand, such as leftover frozen pork chops and rice.

  • Indian food Sauce mixes $1.99
  • Salad Mix $2.99
  • Frozen veggies .95
  • Cream of chicken soup .69
  • Green beans $1.89
  • Mushrooms .99
  • Cucumbers .99
  • Broccoli $1.29
  • Sweet peppers $1.49
  • Bacon $3.49
  • Lettuce .99
  • Tomatoes .99
  • Chicken breast (2 packages) $8.12
  • Hoisin Sauce $1.99
  • Ground Beef $2.69
  • Macaroni and cheese .33
  • Blueberries $1.49
  • Oranges $1.99
  • Eggs .79
  • Chips $1.49
  • Fruit cups $1.69

One things I did not get at Aldi was fresh salmon and pie crust.  AJ has to go out and get those this afternoon and he will probably go to Kroger since they usually have some good deals on meat.

To finish up, I want to leave you guys with a quote that has been really helpful and inspirational to me during my rougher moments of mom-hood.

Ya, those munchkins can have you pulling your hair out and cursing under your breath.  It happens to the best of us.  My day yesterday was far from perfect.  Josh was super whiny and clingy all day and Toby had a temper tantrum and managed to dent the wall.  Even when I thought I could sneak away for a quick bathroom break, Josh snuck in and started beating me over the head with balloons. It was funny later. Not so much at the time.

However, at the end of the day, my sweet Toby still gave me a giant hug and his famous smile at bedtime and he still bent his forehead to touch mine during bedtime prayers. Josh snuggled on my lap and watched his favorite show and then fell asleep on my shoulder.

These moments are wonderful, amazing, and without a doubt, they help remind me that the bad days are fleeting. The memories of this life as a whole are what matters the most.  I’d take a million bad days just for a few of these sweet moments with my boys.

this actually rarely happens
helping mommy cook
ready for the cold

I hope this helps to encourage you.  It’s ok to have bad days! We all do. We will all make it through.  You have other mommies to talk to and that includes me! Please reach out if you are having a rough time. I promise I will listen and give you an accepting heart.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!